Complete Racing Engine SBC Short Block Kit
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  • Robert Turner
    I want to thank Dick for my newest project with him and the most fun as of yet that we have done. My custom built vortec EFI 383 for my 85 CJ 7. It truly is a purpose built engine! We talked about it for a long time,how much power,what kind of fuel delivery,what exactly was i trying to do with it? ALL questions answered in the final result ! The engine is not just great to look at although everybody wants to see it,it does everything we set out to do and more! I have taken it all over Colorado and Utah with ZERO problems! Altitude does not change the performance or the head turning sound of it ! Cant count the times we have been asked to sell it.Brings a smile to my face everytime I twist the key.Thanks again for a job well done my friend!! BTW he was also able to get me a set of custom shocks valved for my jeep that completely changed the way it rides! Just saying if you need it and want it right call Champion!
  • Bob Kelly
    I want to thank Dick Fox at champion racing for doing a fantastic job on my chevelle motor I knew the look I wanted my motor to look like Dick took the time to go over everything with me it took a little time and I changed some things and Dick worked with me I visited his shop every month to check and see the progress he took the time with me with I enjoyed and shared how I want my chevelle to look and run I want to thank Dick Fox and Champion Racing for giving me such a big bad engine for my chevelle Champion Racing and Dick Fox will build my next engine Great guy to talk to and a friend I got to know I plan on taking my chevelle to his shop so he can see the finished project Again thank u for giving me the best motor
  • Jim Voorhis
    When I walked through the door, I knew I was in the right place. Talking to Dick was great with all the stories he had to share about his experience in the business. He was very professional but personable. You could tell by looking at his shop you were going to get above and beyond what you'd get anywhere else. The shop was clean and very well organized. He uses nothing but the best for parts. What I ended up with was a bad ass 302 for my Mustang. I considered putting it in a glass case to display in my living room, it was truly a piece of art! If you're looking for motor work, there is no other place but CHAMPION RACING ENGINES! Great experience, great work, great people! Thank you. Jim Voorhis
  • Kent Mitchell
    What a fun experience.... Took me 40 years to get my Chevy II, and after driving by Champion for 30 of those, figured it was time to stop in and visit.

    Dick is awesome to work with. I am no engine guy and with this build I have had such a good time learning through Champion & Dick. He built up a 383 Stroker for my 66 and since I just live down the street he saw way to much of me in my excitement to see it all coming together. I got her in last month and from a 327/350 to this beast my lil 66 Shoebox has come to life. And throughout the engine swap Dick was always there to help answer this newbie's questions and get parts I needed in no time.

    From build to break'in to future parts support Dick Fox and Champion are customer oriented like no other. Thanks for an awesome engine Dick.
  • Bill Randall
    I have known of Dicks machine shop since the 80's when he rebuilt the engine for my Jeep.Bored, balanced and everything that goes along with it. It is a turbocharged 304 with 7:1 Venolia pistons. I still have this vehicle today 1-24-18 and I still drive it. Great work Dick! He has also done another 304 Amc for me as well as a 396 Chevy, several others, and the latest my 289 with a stroker kit (Scat kit ) 331. His commitment to always doing a TOP NOTCH JOB has kept me coming back all these years. I refer him to anyone as THE 1 to go to! Thanks for all the great memories you have provided me with Sir. Bill Randall
  • Jim Purcell
    Just wanted to say thanks for the great engine diaper. I purchased the diaper for a Big Block Chevy and it fit perfectly. The engine kicked a rod out the side of the pan and the diaper contained the rod end and all of the oil. None of the oil made it to the track or on the underside of the car. I was able to get the car stopped with no issue. It's nice to purchase a product that fits correctly and works as advertised. Thanks again.
  • Dennis Rinehart
    I’m just a guy who after the kids were grown decided he wanted to build a street car.
    Dick at Champion Racing Engines built me a 305 SBC in 1998, which by the way is currently in a mid-80’s Malibu wagon used as a daily driver to this day. In 2008 I contacted Champion Racing Engines again this time for a Camaro project. After talking with Dick Fox he got to know me and get a good sense for what I was trying to accomplish and we came up with an 800+Hp, 740Ftlb torque 540 stage II pump gas BBC for the car. I could not be happier with it. I am now starting another project, a 1970 Chevelle 6 speed shift car. As before we discussed the project so Dick could get a good idea of just how the car is going to be used. I have decided on another 540 pump gas BBC, but this engine will be built different than the Camaro as this car will be for driving longer distances. I have purchased everything from ATI Powerglides, Tremec transmission kits, to complete Moser rear end assemblies from Champion. They have been an excellent source for all my accessory such as gauges, fuel systems, (they designed and furnished complete systems on both cars), including fuel line and fittings. They have a great selection of accessory parts for my custom car projects at very competitive prices. They have or can get quickly anything I could think of for my project car. This is just a great shop where they understand and listen to your needs and concerns, then recommended the correct parts for my custom hot rod. They saved me from buying the wrong parts more than once!!
    The reason I choose to go to a custom engine builder is to have the engine built for its intended purpose. These guys take the time to get to know the “Who, What, Where and When” of your setup, you know the back bone is connected to the neck bone, LOL. I have always had all my questions answered with respect and intelligence. Champion has never tried to over sell me on horsepower or products, there certainly something to be said about integrity in business. The only complaint I have is that I didn’t start doing this sooner!
    Dick thanks for putting together some bad ass power plants for my rides!
    Dennis Rinehart a very satisfied customer

    P.S. To see the car or better yet hear the car go to Facebook and find my page and scroll down to April 7th 2013 or December 2nd 2012.
  • Jay Thomas
    GO Champion,

    I am not a former world, divisional, or even local champion, nor a big time contender, just another sportsman racer trying to go rounds everywhere I go. Up until last season, I had been running in the Super Street class, making the change over to Super Gas this season. Of course the change includes an engine containment device, which I dreadfully regretted installing. I work at an Engine Machine shop in Edmonton, Canada; AMS Engines; so I have sold and helped install my fair share of diapers over the last few seasons, and so far, was not impressed by any of them. (Even a custom built one for a Dry Sump System).

    A friend of mine from a different home track told me about your product, and how well it fit, how easy it was to install, and unfortunately, how well it held up during his explosion. (Not a drop on the track; 1000 to finish). So I checked out your website, made some calls, and brought in your product. As all drag racers are, I was on a last minute schedule when they arrived, threw one in my truck, and drove 800 miles to the next race. I installed the diaper Thursday night before qualifying Friday morning. My friend was right! I have a double kick out BBC pan on a frame rail 1966 Chevelle chassis car, and I could not have asked
    for an easier install. It was literally in and on it's way to tech within a half hour.

    ALL of the other companies I have installed are way to universal, making them bulky, heavy, and in my opinion, have near impossible expectations for installation; (straps/brackets etc.) making them a much lengthier installation. It seems, your attention to the basic requirements are what makes your product far superior. I have since that race, installed the brace you suggest for the flexplate clearance, but I truly feel that your product is fitted so nicely, I would not have needed it.

    With ALL this confidence in your product, I do not see a problem growing our relationship as a dealer for you. Thank you for building a product that works with no modifications; and not just another universal item that you spend hours on making it fit.

    Jay Thomas
    S/G & S/ST 6411
    H/R 641
    Just Another Sportsman
  • Jeff Hall

    I have been dealing with you since 2000, and you have built two hot street engines for me, a 454 and a 555. You also built a street 454 for a friend. All of the engines see regular street use and occasional strip action. Your engines can be counted on as daily drivers. They are happy to idle in hot or cold weather or cruise the interstate at 3000 rpm all day returning 10-12 mpg without overdrive and mid three gears. Of course, when you need power, Champion Racing Engines always deliver! This combination of reliability and performance is a direct result of your engine planning and building skills honed over several decades. You have always treated me fairly and delivered exactly as promised. Such attributes are truly rare in the modern world we live. I consider it an honor to deal with you and would not even consider going to another builder for my needs.

    Jeff Hall
  • Ron Houser

    I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks. The engine I recently purchases from you is awesome. Last weekend I unloaded and ran my first 4 second pass. The car was in the mid 4.90's all afternoon, even in less than perfect conditions. I am making more power and using less fuel to do it. This engine is so efficient. Now I am able to focus on the important things - reaction times and driving the finish line. It is fun to go racing again.

    Thanks guys

    Ron Houser
    S/C 304A
  • Miles "per hour" Meador

    I just wanted to send you a copy of my time slips from last weekends race (8/12/06). The car ran between 4.880-4.889 all night long. I think this is a huge testament to how consistent a Champion Racing Engine is with almost 400 passes on it. This Champion Racing Engines 540 CID motor is a double throw down daddy!
  • Mark Earnest
    I put on the engine diaper today that I got from you. It was custom made to my oil pan. It fits PERFECT!. I am completely satisfied with my order. We have bought 5 diapers from you and we are all satisfied.

    Fishers Body Shop
    Mark Earnest SO/St 185