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Dyno Services

Champion Racing Engines has a state of the art Stuska Trackmaster Gold LC engine dynamometer. We offer  a full day rate depending on how much tuning and performance you would like to get out of your engine.

Maybe you are looking to see what your engine horsepower currently is and would like to make some changes to it and try to gain more horsepower out of it. We can accommodate your needs in doing that with a full day rate.  

We have very competent operators of this dyno who have pulled several engines and know what they are doing and monitor all sensors during your dyno pulls. You will have the best quality personal at Champion Racing Engines.

Dynamometer rates are as follows:

  Full Day Rate: $800.00 engine built by CRE

Full Day Rate: $950.00 engine not built by CRE

(Price Subject To Change Without Notice)

Below are several rotating pictures of a customers engine that was done at our facility.