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31510 - Left Hand Dipstick

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31510 - Left Hand Dipstick

PART #: 31510

(price subject to change without notice) $342.95

31510 - Left Hand Dipstick Product Description:

Designed for Dirt or Asphalt in Late Models, Modifieds or Sprint Cars where the engine is set very low and / or where ground clearance is critical.  The highly effective tray door system and the quick release windage tray assembly that is fastened into the pan provide 100% oil control at all times. This results in consistent oil pressure both in and out of the corners, as well as increases power output. A 1/2" pipe temperature sender bung is also welded into the pan.

  • Left Hand Without Dipstick
  • 7 Quarts Plus Filter
  • 6-1/2" Sump Depth