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31195 - Pro Comp Full Sump

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31195 - Pro Comp Full Sump

PART #: 31195

(price subject to change without notice) $454.95

31195 - Pro Comp Full Sump Product Description:

The most used oil pan in the Super Comp, Super Gas and bracket classes today! Designed for altereds, dragsters and full-bodied tube chassis cars. Quick release, full length, louvered windage tray, baffles and trap doors 100% control oil movement to give consistent oil pressure and increased horsepower output. With most aluminum rods, this pan will fit up to a 41/2" stroke without modification. 

  • With Dipstick Provision
  • Pan Capacity: 8 Quarts Plus Filter
  • Front Depth: 6-1/2"
  • Rear Depth: 7-3/4"