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Semi-Synthetic Oil

10W-40 Synthetic Racing Oil

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10W-40 Synthetic Racing Oil

This product sold in CASE ONLY - 12 quarts per case

Competition Proven To Deliver Maximum Power & Protection

A semi-synthetic 10W-40 racing oil based on our proven XP5 racing oil. Ideal for desert and off-road engines, IMCA modified engines, spec engines, flat tappet camshafts and hydraulic lifter engines. Designed for clearances under .0030".

  • Viscosity Typical of SAE 10W-40
  • Friction Reducing Additives
  • ZDDP Anti-Wear Package
  • Outperforms Petroleum
  • Economical Race Oil Option



  • Desert & Off-Road Engines
  • IMCA Modified Engines
  • Spec Engines
  • Flat Tappet Camshaft Equipped Engines
  • Hydraulic Lifter Equipped Engines
  • Designed For Clearances Under .0030"


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