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Engine Diapers

As we begin our 55th year in the high performance business, there are several things that need to be addressed! I have never, or will I ever use any parts that I feel are inferior for their intended use. Racing is not a cheap sport, never has been, never will be. Our complete line of engines are produced using only the finest quality parts that we feel can withstand the abuse expected for their intended use. We at Champion stand behind our products and services, our success and reputation depend on it. Being in business for 55 years should stand as a solemn tribute to successes throughout the years. Every part of every engine we build is checked for correct size and dimension, and our engines are built by people with over 50 years of on track experience.

Drag racing is an exacting science, where you win or lose by a few thousandths of a second, and their are in many cases, no next lap, no second chance. You must go to the starting line totally prepared, both mentally and physically, and your equipment must be in the same exact condition if you expect to come home a winner!!!

As a successful business, you must charge for all you do, but more importantly you must do all you charge for!! Remember the old saying "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR"  This is our philosophy: cheap work isn't good--good work isn't cheap. Let's get started on your next "winning combination" today. Thanks and good luck in your racing endeavors.

SIZES: Standard, XL, Dry Sump & Custom

OPTIONS: Heat Shields, Motor Mount Cut Outs, Kevlar Straps, Single/Dual Sumps


(custom diapers call for pricing)

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CRE Standard Engine Diaper 13X23


(price subject to change without notice) $169.00

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CRE XL Engine Diaper 14X24


(price subject to change without notice) $169.00

Image Not Available CRE Sump Pan Engine Diaper


(price subject to change without notice) $245.00

Image Not Available CRE Dry Sump 23X19


(price subject to change without notice) $219.00