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Big M Sportsman (4.500 x 9.800)

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Big M Sportsman (4.500 x 9.800)

Bore Size: 4.500    Deck Height:  9.800


The Big M Sportsman block was designed to be an even more affordable version of our highly popular Big M. The sportsman block is fitted with ductile iron 4 bolt main caps, and features a redesigned lubrication system that oils all of the main bearings before the lifters for added reliability. We added two slotted head stud bosses on both sides of the lifter valley so you can use studs instead of hard to install bolts to take the place of the "missing" head bolts. Available in 9.800 & 10.200 Deck heights and bore sizes of 4.250, 4.500, and 4.600, the Big M gives you the versatility to build  a wide variety of engine combinations.

Your block can arrive ready to assemble with freeze plugs installed, camshaft bearings installed and the cylinder block machined to your specifications. Please contact us regarding pricing for this additional feature. 

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