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5087 - E-210 Small Block Chevy

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5087 - E-210 Small Block Chevy

Springs For Mechanical Flat Tappet and Hydraulic Roller Cams

The new E-210 cylinder head for small-block Chevy engines provides race-level performance while maintaining full compatibility with OEM equipment. It features larger runners for increased airflow, revised exhaust ports and larger diameter springs for higher lift camshafts, making them ideal for a spec series racer and larger displacement engines. The exhaust port flange is in the stock location to allow for the use of off-the-shelf headers and hardware, while the enlarged valves and ports support the power needed to compete at engine speeds of up to 6500 rpm. The E-210 cylinder head is capable of supporting more than 500 naturally aspirated horsepower, and even more in forced induction applications.

Heads Assembled Sold In Pairs

Combustion chamber volume 64cc
Intake runner volume 210cc
Exhaust runner volume 62cc
Intake valve diameter 2.08"
Exhaust valve diameter 1.60"
Valve stem diameter 11/32"
Valve guides Maganese Bronze
Deck thickness 9/16"
Valve spring diameter 1.46"
Valve spring maximum lift .575"(5085) / .650"(5087)
Rocker stud 3/8"
Guideplate Hardened Steel
Bolt torque 65
Pushrod diameter 5/16"
Valve angle 23°
Bolt torque 65
Spark plug fitment 14mm x 3/4" reach, flat gasket seat
Made In USA


Installed Height: 1.900"
Seated Pressure: 145 lbs.
Open Pressure: 380 lbs. @ .600" lift
Max Valve Lift: .650"
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