Complete Racing EngineSBC Short Block Kit
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Stroke 3.800 / Mains 2.559 / Rods 2.100

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Stroke 3.800 / Mains 2.559 / Rods 2.100

As a new kid on the performance block, the Chrysler 6.1 and 5.7 liter late model Hemi engines are showing tremendous potential. To help encourage this potential, Compstar has developed a crankshaft specifically for high output applications.

Every aspect of this crank has been meticulously engineered. Beginning with a post that is dual keyed to securely locate supercharger drive pulleys, and ending with journals that are super finished. For ease of assembly, rod journals are standard SB Chevy diameter and width. Counterweights have been profiled for 6.125 inch connecting rods.

Compstar Hemi’s are manufactured from 4340 steel and machined to a 4.050 stroke. Installed into a 6.1 liter block this Compstar crank will achieve 426 CID, and with a 5.7 liter block 392 CID is created. For improved crank case ventilation and reduced weight, main journals are gun drilled.

All Compstar Hemi’s are shipped with billet timing wheel installed.

Free ground freight in continental U.S.A. Residential, Out-Of Area (Extended or Remote).

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(price subject to change without notice) $1,160.88