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Magnum XL

Stroke 3.335 / Mains 2.448 / Rods 2.000

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Stroke 3.335 / Mains 2.448 / Rods 2.000

* Uniquely Milled Counterweight Profiles for Reduced Weight and Windage
* All Rod Journals Lightened
* Full Internal Balance to Your Specific Assembly Weight (no drilling)
* Various Flange & Post Bolt Hole Configurations

For nearly 20 years, Magnum XL crankshafts have proven to be the most durable, best performing lightweight crankshafts available.  Machined from extremely high grade 4340 steel these lightweight crankshafts are capable of handling the high horsepower and RPM of today’s most advanced engines.  Each Magnum XL is shipped fully balanced exactly to your assembly, without counterweight drill holes.   To insure years of trouble free service, all Magnum XL crankshafts receive our deep case Ion nitride.

Starting at $2,904.71