Complete Racing EngineSBC Short Block Kit
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Stroke 4.250 / Mains 2.750 / Rods 2.200 / Compstar

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Stroke 4.250 / Mains 2.750 / Rods 2.200 / Compstar

* All Rod Journals Lightened
* Dual Post Keyways
* 8 Counterweighted Design
* Heat Treatment = Ultra Case Deep Nitride

Compstar Performance Crankshafts are designed by Callies engineers, and forged on proprietary dies, made to Callies specifications. They are rough machined from certified AISI 4340 forgings to our tolerances, then finish machined in Callies facility.

Hardened with a deep nitride, Compstar cranks are ideal for all types of abusive racing environments. All rod journals are drilled and counterweights are profiled for piston clearance. With Callies consistent grind and polish, along with our precise stroke and index, you will see why Callies say these crankshafts are Compstar Correct.

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(price subject to change without notice) $1,225.00